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1958 Fender 5F1 Champ 1x8" Tube Combo Amplifier
Replaced speaker. Replaced tubes. Replaced power cable. Original board, chassis, cab, tolex, transformers and pot. ..
1963 Gibson GA-79RVT Stereo Tube Guitar Amplifier 2x10 Combo Amp
Tolex and grill cloth are very clean. Speakers, transformers, pots and components are all original as far as we can tell! No issues to note. All functions work as they should One of the HOLY GRAIL guitar amplifiers. 60's Gibson Guitar Amplifier with Reverb and Tremolo! Amp works perfectly as it should. Pots are clean. Tubes are strong. Speakers are in great shape. Has not been serviced in years..
1966 Epiphone EA-14RVT Ensign 2x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier
One replaced speaker. Fresh tubes. Caps all test OK. Has footswitch. Clean overall and sounds great! ..
1966 Supro Thunderbolt S6420 1x15" Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo
1966 Supro Thunderbolt Model S6420 1x15" Guitar Combo Amplifier Original speaker. Amazingly cool vintage Valco / Supro Made in Chicago Tube Bass Guitar Amp in great shape! NOS Sylvania Coke Bottle Power Tubes. Loud.  Sounds amazing. Reliable! Designed for bass initially, but considered one of the HOLY GRAIL electric guitar amps! HENDRIX! Ready for the studio, stage or your col..
1969 Marshall Tremolo 50 Guitar Amplifier Head - Vintage 50w Tube Guitar Amp
Modified at one point. Set back to stock and tremolo disconnected. Original chassis, case, transformers, board.  ..
2003 Dr. Z Maz 38 Sr 2x12" Guitar Amplifier Combo 15th Anniversary Edition
Great sounding 2x12" guitar amplifier combo from the good doctor. 15th Anniversary Edition. ..
312 Vintage Guitars T-Shirt
Brand new short sleeve 312 Vintage Guitars Official T-Shirt!    Printed on a Hanes Tagless Beefy Tee, this will be your favorite T-Shirt! ..